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allocated for the community development reserve fund, to apply as reward to partners contributing to community construction. Example: Someone turns ill and is in need of treatment. 211,456,972 USD 42,687 BTC 1,342,674 ETH 12,449,117 USD 2,513 BTC 79,047 ETH 11,000,000 REP, augur (REP) is meant to harness the wisdom of the crowd through prediction markets on a protocol owned and operated by holders of the Ethereum-based Reputation token. Augur Statistics, augur Price.22 USD, augur ROI 1207.90. Loads of MDS is locked in the aid contract and more aid contracts require more MDS, some MDS also get burned. Insurance products of the future will rely on mutual aid "smart contracts". Il sagit de lune des formes de placement les plus risquées. Market Rank #33, market Cap 211,456,972 USD 24 Hour Volume 12,449,117 USD, circulating Supply 11,000,000 REP, total Supply 11,000,000 REP, max Supply. Avertissement: Fusion Media tient à vous rappeler que les données contenues dans cet site ne sont pas nécessairement en temps réel, ni exactes. I'll start with a TL;DR: Ethereum based, decentralized open-course mutual aid and insurance marketplace, the world's first ever. Participation module supports two different forms, namely, individual and organisations. Org wP: currently trading on: Houbi, cEX, dew.

The last known price of MediShares.013368 USD and is.54 over the last 24 hours.
Innovation MediShares (MDS) - hidden gem?
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A couple of days ago I noticed MDS started trading.

Yesterday's Open / Close.65 USD /.88 USD Yesterday's Change.23 USD (12.65) Yesterday's Volume 40,568,382 USD Donate Bitcoin Donate Litecoin Donate Ethereum 0x B8AE5a245E4ED161C971Dc4c3C8E2B. Especially since it's still under the radar. All Time High.271676 USD (Mar 02, 2018 all Time Low.003991 USD (Dec 15, 2018) 52 Week High / Low.171145 USD /.003991 USD 90 Day High / Low.015876 USD /.004837 USD 30 Day High / Low.015876 USD /.008286. 10 of the fee will be burned by the Platform, while 90 will be held by the Platform as reserve capital. I compiled some information that might be interesting for those looking to invest. En marche vers le futur!