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pour gérer ou vous opposer à l'utilisation de cookies/traceurs cliquez-ici,. The convenience of having several money exchange locations means you do not have to travel from one end of New York to have foreign currency exchanged for American Currency and vise versa. Rates Service, enter Uno. They will only set you back from reaching your goals. Stick to your best ideas and trade setups. Activity, filter, activity Filters, actions ( all, none liking, subscribing. Whats hard to learn is how to be patient and disciplined to do the right things and make good trading decisions. Unfortunately, most newbies wont. Truthfully, it will be one of the most difficult endeavors you will ever take. Services, if you are a frequent traveler or have relatives or friends overseas you know how important it is to have access to money transfer services at any time of the day or night.

And essentially, free you from the chains of the Man. Trading is not an overnight, get-rich-quick scheme. This is a commitment to build skills that will allow you to profitably trade in any environment the market will throw at you at any time. Ignoring, threads Started, thread Replies, stories Submitted, story Comments. Developing your currency trading plan will take time. The convenience of multiple locations combined with the highest exchange rates available make us the best place in NYC to send money to or change money from a foreign country.

Glasgow, an American humorist, once said, The key to everything is patience. Hope you had a great year Happy new Year. If youre a mechanical or automated trader, this means back testing systems and constantly trying different settings and strategies as the environment changes. Even if you dont want. Developing skills will take time. Journaling is the one trading task that separates the wannabe traders from the real deal traders. Hope you carry on posting, great stuff). Entering and exiting a trade at the right moment requires patience. Revenge trades, these actions will kill your account! Always remember that opportunities for good trades occur often. We have combined currency exchange with money transfer services. If you stay patient, maintain discipline, and commit to constant improvement, then your results today as a forex noob will probably be nothing compared to the results of the trader you will become after years grinding it out in the markets.