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the mount board. 2 Cover your work area. You can also use a spray to coat the photo like Krylon UV Archival Varnish or Krylon Preserve it Aerosol Spray. Test dimpression photo sur plexiglas, loading. Press the iron down firmly in the center of the photo. 3, cut dry mount tissue. 9 5 Attach the photo to the mounting board. You also have the option to use a mat which will place a border overtop of the photograph.

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Cut the tissue slightly smaller than the photo, about 1/8 inch (3 mm) smaller than the print on all sides, so the edges aren't visible beneath. Cover your mounted print with a heavy flat object (like a book) to keep it in place while it dries, and read the directions on the adhesive you used for the recommended dry time. Find out more here. Using small pieces of clear tape, attach the dry mount tissue to the back of your photograph at each corner. 8, adhere the photo to the board. 5 10, trim the edges of the board. 2, using an acid-free dry mount tissue is recommended as an acid-based tissue might cause visible damage to your mounted photos in the years to come. Work your way from the center of the photo to the edges first to one end, then the other and.

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