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live currency charts. The Canadian Dollar is often referred to as 'The Loonie because of the loon bird that draws the attention on the 1 Canadian coin. Also, according to first row, which has the second, fourth, sixth cell in Dark Blue, fifth and seventh cell in Blue. The, eUR cAD pair is an interesting one, in the sense that while both currencies involved in it are majors, the pair itself is not. Key: The Currency crypto monnaie anglaid Heat Map is presented to indicate the strength of the ROW/column pair. In the near future though, the enlargement of the Eurozone does not appear likely/plausible.

BoC hasnt tampered with the currency since 1988 though. Dark Blue means the pair is above prior bars high.

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EUR /GBP is lower than prior bars close even though its above prior bars low. CAD is more closely correlated with the USD and the state of the US economy than anything else. CAD, aUD, nZD, the objective of the Currency Heat Map is to provide a graphical presentation on the relative strengths of major currencies relative to others. EUR /USD may not a good choice to buy on Dollar weakness. EUR /USD rising and jumps into conclusion on the strength on Euro. EUR /USD could merely be due to weakness in Dollar rather than strength in Euro. Example: USD EUR JPY GBP CHF CAD AUD USD EUR JPY GBP CHF CAD AUD NZD EUR USD JPY GBP CHF CAD AUD NZD JPY USD EUR GBP CHF CAD AUD NZD GBP USD EUR JPY CHF CAD AUD NZD CHF USD EUR JPY GBP. For example, one could see. The main reason behind this state of affairs is that trading volume on the pair is relatively low. CAD, aUD, nZD, w USD, forex trading commerce en ligne eUR, jPY, gBP, cHF. Light Green means the pair is flat.