indicateurs de change mql4

following way: When all 4 roads of the Forex Freeway are green - Buy. MA for next TF / return; / Exit the special function init / int start / Special function start / double MA_0, MA_02, MA_03, / Supporting MAs for diff. It is known, all indicators are of application relevance - they are used to help a trader orientate in the current price movement and forecast at least to some extent the future price movement. All indicator functions have at least 2 parameters - symbol and period. Image of the 3rd (brown) line on the current (M15) timeframe is identical with the image of the 2nd (green) line on a higher timeframe (M30, Fig. Null value of the symbol means the current symbol, the 0 value of the period means the current timeframe.

Custom indicator 4 allows to trace on one screen chart of rate change on the current nearest higher and next higher timeframe and their average. Next three indicator arrays (Line_1, Line_2 and Line_3) contain values of the rates of price changes based on MAs with different periods of averaging. Road block show where the price can trip off - at support/resistance levels. In the part B-C MA's growing slows down, but goes. #property fX flux des processus commerciaux copyright "Copyright SK, 2007" #property link " / #property indicator_chart_window / Indicator is drawn in the main window #property indicator_buffers 6 / Number of buffers #property indicator_color1 Black / Line color of 0 buffer #property indicator_color2 DarkOrange/Line color of the 1st buffer. Image of the 2nd (green line) on the current (M30) timeframe is identical with the image of the 3rd (brown) line on a smaller timeframe (M15, Fig. See example below (the indicator is seen better on the black chart background). Download indicator: Forex_Freeway_4, how to trade with Forex_Freeway indicator. In the block 16017 values of the indicator array Line_4 are defined for constructing an average rate line (blue line which is their simple arithmetic average. If data (symbol name and/or timeframe differ from the current ones) are requested from another chart, the situation is possible that the corresponding chart was not opened in the client terminal and the necessary data must be requested from the server.