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2 buttons Up and Down* Live-updating charts every 5 seconds* Most popular time frames: from 5 seconds to 1 day* Complete trading history* Simple navigation. Economic calendar that allows you to adjust your trading strategy based on the key indicators of the global economy. The application is available in the Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, English and Russian languages. Forex vocabulary is a super app for learn and play with the vocabulary of the forex that for enrich your forex basic in a fun way it based on the assembly of 2 photos of the same word, and your goal is to show all. About This Application :, this Application is exclusively set up for public information and does not operate in any foreign exchange transactions prohibited by law, we don't provide comment section or contact form, we don't collect any information, to avoid any responsibility or get involved. All kinds of analysis: technical, wave, fundamental analyses, and reviews of macroeconomic indicators. Tifia Forex Analytics is an essential tool for any trader or financial analyst. All of this is available in Tifia Forex Analytics app from the leading specialists of Claws Horns. Get all the powerful professional trader's tools in one convenient and functional platform! High-precision trading signals with an average monthly profit of 600 pips.

Tifia Forex Analytics free app will keep you informed of the latest analytical studies, economic news, Forex market trends and trading signals. The forex word have a traduction or a definition with arabic or french for a great goal : it is to enrich your vocabulary with your native language. The fun, risk free way to develop your skills as a financial market trader on real Stocks and. With Tifia Forex Analytics, you will always be able to keep track of all the latest analytical studies: Latest analytical forecasts - the latest forecasts for currency pairs based on market analysis. Trading Forex signals - professional advice for opening trades with entry/exit points.

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