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best to delete it until you need it again, otherwise it will soon fall behind current time. The Trend Graph or the OB/OS Signal Map are not available in compact mode. It is more accurate reading the current indicators than the multi-timeframe indicators. By default Multi-Meter has been disabled on the Monthly timeframe for this purpose because the code runs an infinite loop which does not normally allow the access of Options from a chart display. DisableMonthly disables Multi-Meter on the Monthly chart so that Options can be accessed by pressing F7, or from the Expert Advisors menu. The Bollinger Bands give a grey signal if the price has moved outside of the bands, if the price reverses the Buy or Sell signal is displayed. The zone values are customizable, the default values are the most commonly used.

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Current indicators are from the current chart and Multi-timeframe indicators are the MAs from the Trend Bar. Double click on it and drag it across the previous bars to bring up the previous indicator values in Multi-Meter. USE monthly chart FOR options. Indicator values, values here are for changing the MA-Xover signal, macd signal, Parabolic SAR signal, MA Trend Bar, WR and Stochastics. The more crosses the better if you a trading a reversal, as the OB or OS level is more significant. Trend-O-graph, this graph shows trend waves of the short and longer term trend. Use DisplayTrendGraph forex hexagone to toggle between the Trend Graph and OB/OS Signal Map. Moving Average settings. The values for the 7 Moving Averages can be set here including the MA Type (Simple, Exponential, Smoothed or Linear Weighted).

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